Case Study: Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (September 2018)

Patient Name: George Ford
Patients Age: 82-years-old Admission Date: 06/20/2018 Admitted From: Wellington Regional Hospital Discharge Date: 09/28/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 3 months
Reason for Stay: Dehydration and generalized weakness
How did this patient hear about (Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center)? Hospital Referred Resident to our community

Mr. Ford entered our community on June 20th of 2018 with a diagnosis of dehydration and generalized weakness, as well as an altered mental status. Mr. Ford had his right leg amputated below his knee years ago. He never received a prosthetic and stated he did not want to receive one. After meeting with a consultant from South Beach prosthetics, he had a change of heart, and agreed to be measured and fit for a right below the knee (BKA) prosthetic.

After a few weeks of preparation and wearing a shrinker to help mold his extremity to fit the prosthetic, Mr. Ford received his new prosthetic device and began training with the therapy team for ambulation function and mobility. Mr. Ford endured weeks of training with his new leg and is currently able to walk 100 feet with contact guard assist using a rolling walker. He is able to transfer (sit to stand) at that same level which is an outstanding accomplishment.

Mr. Ford has completed therapy and has improved in all targeted areas. He stated he is so thankful for all the support and quality care he has received from our Jupiter team. It has been a pleasure serving George. He has been motivated and has had a positive outlook on his stay at our community. With that attitude, Mr. Ford is able to return home with his new prosthetic leg and the ability to walk again. He stated he is looking forward to going home to live with his loving daughter and granddaughter. He has been so humble and kind to both staff and the other residents, especially his roommate who he built a friendship with. Mr. Ford will be missed by all of our Jupiter Rehabilitation family and we sent him home with well wishes and a warm hug.