“The staff here is wonderful and caring. It’s helped with my recovery process knowing that I am being taken care of, gives me peace of mind.” – Karen B.

“Therapy always makes my day; they are so nice and make sure I am always doing okay. I also appreciate how they are always encouraging me and telling me what a great job I am doing, it helped keep me motivated especially on those rough days when I didn’t want to get out of bed.” – Robert P.

“You have done such a great job making Mac feel welcome, which is very needed at a time like this. The location and service make this the perfect rehabilitation facility for us.” – The Mackenzie Family

“I enjoy coming to work every day and being a part of such a devoted and caring team.” – Jessica J.

“I love it here. It is simple, homey, and comfortable. Everyone has made my stay nice. I am recovering very quickly. The therapy room is my favorite. The therapists are very sweet, efficient, and accommodating. They will come to your room to do therapy. I look forward to the meals; it’s well planned and filling.” – A. Cohen

“The nursing staff is excellent here! The facility is exponentially clean and looked after. The rooms are swept and washed every day, the food is marvelous. I am glad I came here for rehab because I’m getting good therapy and have been improving. This is coming from a nurse who supervised a couple of rehab centers.” – Louise Z.

“The food here is great, especially breakfast; they offer a variety. The nurses here are good and very caring. I enjoy it when they bring in the musicians; I take pleasure in live music.” – Gladys A.

“I have been employed at Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center for 5 years, and it has been a great experience thus far. My occupation entails overseeing the housekeeping of a designated unit. The first thing that I learned was no job is too difficult to overcome or too small to handle. We make a difference in the lives of the residents, that to me is all worth it.” – Melissa D.

“I find that I had superb, family-like care here; everything has been super! The food has been really good. I haven’t eaten well since my wife passed away a couple of months ago. I arrived weighing 161 pounds and now I’m up to 176 pounds! The staff and physical therapy have been great. All of the nurses and nurse aides have been fantastic.” – Fred G.

“The CNAs here are respectful. They take care of all my wife’s wishes. The food is also excellent (I had it during the storm). It is a clean community and the management is excellent, including Louna and Charlotte. Charlotte arranges everything that I need for Rita. The physical therapy department is great, they always help with what I need!” –Patrick C.

“The experience of not being able to do activities of daily living has been an awakening. In the past, everything came to dad easily. Upon his admission, we went full-force with all the therapy. He has days that go up and down, but he is positive because everyone in this community is very friendly and helpful. The main effort comes within a person to work hard to become better. This is not the end, just a stage.” – L. Miller

“This place is just great. Everyone here is so nice and caring. And I would know, I worked at Syracuse hospital. The staff here care about me from the heart; I can tell!” – Helen R.

“The service here has been very good, from the nursing staff, the aides, therapy, and the kitchen. I had been unable to walk independently for the past five months, in the two weeks that I have been here I am now walking 300 feet plus independently and progressing rapidly. Jupiter has definitely exceeded my expectations.” – Steven D.

“After six weeks of being confined to bed, I looked forward to physical and occupational therapy. I enjoyed going to the therapy gym and being around all the positive energy there. I have become much stronger and have begun walking with assistance.” – June A.

“I fell at home and then came here to Jupiter for rehab; I feel much better. Therapy is making me strong and I am doing a lot of strengthening exercises. I look forward to my therapy, the staff gives me a great attitude.” – Helen A.

“After spending thirty days in the hospital, I arrived at Jupiter for some extensive strengthening and physical therapy. The therapy was excellent, Angela was awesome and after ten days here I am ready to go home, much stronger than when I arrived. I am looking very forward to returning home, thanks to the incredible staff at Jupiter.” – Jennifer V.

“I am making so much progress in therapy, this second time is better. I am glad to get back and hope to get stronger quickly.” – Henry G.

“With the Team, we currently have here, I can only imagine the great things that can be accomplished. I am ecstatic to be a team member of Jupiter and being able to contribute to what is yet to be our greatest potential.” – Nicole C., Department Assistant

“I have been a Social Services Director for over ten years and have recently joined the team at Jupiter. It is a pleasure to work on discharges with the residents and their families one that has reached their goals. The sense of accomplishment residents has when they realize the effort they put into their recovery has paid off. Although the hope is a resident will not have to return, if they do, it is nice to hear they want to come back to Jupiter.”
Valerie V.- Social Services Director

“This is my second stay at Jupiter this year… I fell again! I left here the first time in great shape and plan on doing the same again with the super care and therapy I receive here.” – Madeline B.

“I enjoy the work I do here at Jupiter and I take great pride in my work. I love the people I work with at the facility.” – Carlos B., Maintenance Supervisor

“The care here is excellent. Therapy is good, I am doing very well and hope to go home before the Holidays.” – Lorraine L.

“I love, love, love our residents, they make my heart smile and are my daily motivation! I enjoy the comradery with my co-workers and the overall joyful atmosphere in the building.”
– Keisha F., Business Office Manager

“Everything was good here at Jupiter, it is my fourth time here and I will keep coming back for the great therapy and care. I feel so much stronger every day and I am going home tomorrow.”
– Pauline H.

“Lots of smiles here at Jupiter, the staff is very happy. Therapy is great, it helped me so much. I really enjoyed the ‘Trip to England – Tea Party’; the activities here are super.”
– Madelynne D.

“Since CareRite took ownership of our facility, many great things have been implemented, not only for our residents but the staff as well. With my new position as Clinical Liaison outside in the community, it is very refreshing to hear good feedback about Jupiter. I feel very proud to be a part of this team.” – Vetisha J., Clinical Liaison/LPN

“I am very happy with the professionalism of my coworkers. I think we have a great team. I am looking forward to the renovations and projected changes to our facility.” – Alberto B., Director of Plant Operations

“I had fallen at home and was told I needed to go to Rehab. Since my sister and friend had been here recently and had only great things to say, I decided to come here to Jupiter. My stay has been fantastic. The staff is awesome and the therapy is excellent, my thanks and gratitude go out to everyone there, especially Renee in Therapy…I can’t thank her enough.” – Cornelius G.

“I am very excited to see positive changes in the facility and positive changes for the residents and their families. I appreciate the addition of Urban Zen and have enjoyed my sessions and feel it’s very beneficial for the employees, residents, and their families.” – Kim M., RN/Risk Management

“I had a fall at home and have been here at Jupiter for two weeks. I enjoy my daily therapy and have really improved this week; I am walking with a walker and plan on going home without it next week. My stay here as been successful!” – Donald M.

“I enjoy working for Jupiter, I feel this place has a very close family atmosphere. My residents are what make me wake up and come to work every day.” – Hazel S. -LPN

“Therapy is excellent, meals fantastic, everyone here is very dedicated and very obliging…only good things at Jupiter.” – Cornelius G.

“I think our therapy department is an asset to this community. I enjoy working with the staff and I love my residents. I look forward to coming to Jupiter to work every day!” – Tisha M., LPN

“When I first arrived here at Jupiter, I was using a cane and had several falls. After 4 weeks of physical therapy, I feel very strong and feeling much healthier. I am looking forward to walking around the community, and hope very soon I will not need the wheelchair or the walker.” – Robert D.

“I have worked at this facility for eight years and have seen many changes, and for the first time in many years, I have felt a genuine togetherness with the department heads and staff. I enjoy them all and we all work so well together. I have a great group of staff in my department, they not only work so hard for me but for our residents and the staff as well.” – Leyda B., Dietary/Kitchen Manager

“When I first came here to Jupiter, I couldn’t do anything. I was totally unprepared for how debilitated I was after extensive ankle surgery. Coming from being so independent, I was determined I would get myself back to total independence again. The therapy here has done just that, they are all SUPER!” – Rose L.

“It is so nice to have CareRite’s support and guidance. Our residents are truly being treated with respect and dignity. I know we as the staff is all looking forward to what the CARERITE future holds.”
– Jamie C., ADON/RN

“The help is great, the food is great. Therapy worked very hard with me, I appreciate everything they did. I am now walking to therapy, something I could not do when I arrived here at Jupiter. I have definitely made great improvements and I am now good and strong.” – Anne S.

“I have been to Jupiter for six months and I love it here. The residents are very well cared for, our facility is very clean. I am very impressed with the supportive administrative staff. I am very happy to be here at such a wonderful community.” – Joycelyn N., RN Manager

“I arrived at Jupiter from Jupiter Medical Center after having left total knee replacement. The first few days were a little rough and I didn’t feel things would get any better… never being in a skilled nursing environment I had no idea what to expect. Now, I can only say the most positive things…I love it here, I love the aides they are SUPER and have taken such great care of me. Therapy is AMAZING, I have come so far, Renee is the BEST. The upper management is so attentive and cheerful. It has been a great place for me to rehab.” – Dorothy K.

“I have been in this facility for nine years. I am so excited and looking forward to the updates, renovations, and changes that will be taking place here at Jupiter.” – Maureen M., HR Director

“From the beginning, I have been very impressed at how friendly, caring, and helpful the staff is here at Jupiter, and that applies to every department. With the diligent help from Nadine, the Diet Tech, and keeping me on a strict renal diet, I would not be where I am at today. Being a physical therapist myself for 40 years, I am grateful to be receiving services from such a professional team of therapists. I am very thankful to be in such a GREAT place!” – David W.

“I have been working at Jupiter for 4 years as a Unit Clerk. I love the staff and my residents. I enjoy entertaining them in activities and events. At the end of the day, I go home feeling very fulfilled and rewarded.” -Tamieka T., Unit Clerk

“I have been here at Jupiter for a week and a half, and am completely satisfied with the level of nursing care I have received. My therapy is good and I am participating daily.” – Vincent R.

“My position is both challenging and rewarding. It allows me to assist in both direct and indirect care to ensure resident and client needs are met. I enjoy being a part of such a positive transition, watching myself and colleagues strengthen and grow. I look forward to the future here with Carerite.” – Christine S., LPN

“The staff at Jupiter works very hard to keep the patients happy, motivated, and involved in the great activities here. I am getting better every day with help from the super therapists in the rehab department.” – Susan O.

(on the Administrator in Training Program) “I have enjoyed working with each director and have learned to appreciate each of their special talents. One objective that I see is the way the [staff] engage in the care of the residents. They treat each resident as if it’s their own family. It is superb to be working at a facility that cares deeply for the residents.” – Justin L.

“I arrived at Jupiter from the hospital for physical therapy. With the direction of a great physical therapy staff- ‘Hats off’ to Sean- I went from twenty minutes of therapy daily to forty to forty-five minutes a day. Sean’s continued support and encouragement have been relentless. I am now striving for sixty minutes daily because I enjoy it that much!” – William H.

“I am so excited about all the new recreation programming for our residents. I am so happy to be a part of this great team at Jupiter. CareRite does make the difference in the quality of care our residents receive!” – Joann H., Rec. Director

“It’s a nice place. I have lived here for six years.” – Walter W.

“I am very excited to be here… so many activities, I spent the whole day there! I spent some time yesterday in the herb garden with Michele, watering, and pruning. Everyone here is so nice and has made me feel so welcomed.” – Dottie H.

“I am very excited about the programs to be implemented. It is so refreshing to work for a company that sees the importance and necessity of taking care of our residents in mind, body, and soul!” – J. Hoffman, Director of Recreation

“Everyone here at Jupiter is very professional, nice, and respectful to my spouse, myself and my family. The staff communicates daily with me as to my husband’s needs, requests, appointments, and how he is doing. However, the most important thing to me is the professionalism of everyone at Jupiter!” – M. Gross

“I have worked at this community for over five years, and I feel that the Rehabilitation Center at Jupiter is changing for the better daily! I have never felt so positive about my work environment and the staff surrounding me. I look forward to a rewarding experience and future with Jupiter and CareRite!” – M. Ford

“My overall stay was great. Very pleased with rehab and the staff. Everyone goes out of their way to help.” – David R.

“There are so many positive things about this facility… the people, the service, the food! Great stay! I will be back.” – Marilyn Z.

“My stay at Jupiter has been a great blessing to me! I’m in my recovery from hip surgery. The PT and OT staff have been extremely beneficial in my rapid recovery. My doc, family, and friends are pleased, and I am ready to return home!” – Julie D.

“Great changes have taken place and I am looking forward to the many new plans set for the future.”
– Erin M., Rehabilitation Coordinator

“With more than twenty years of experience in long term care, I find my relationships with long term and shot term residents to be so rewarding. My position affords me the opportunity to build strong relationships while advocating for each resident the highest level of support. It is a pleasure to do what I love every day!” – Connie M., RN

“I feel like I’m at the Hilton. The service and staff are even better!” – Marilyn Z.

“I am very positive about my therapy and care here at Jupiter. The staff is very helpful and attentive to my needs!” – Carlton C.

“I joined Jupiter three months ago and truly feel as though I have joined a team of professionals that exude compassion for both the residents and each other. As an assessment care plan coordinator, I am able to comprehensively review each of my residents to ensure that their needs are being met. It gives me great satisfaction to have found a home where I can see that level of care being delivered with positive outcomes and residents who are truly happy in their environment.” – Lori B., MDS

“I feel a very good sense of reward when I leave to go home at night because I made an impact in their [the residents] lives.” – Gertha F, CNA

“The personal satisfaction in being part of the recovery and care of our residents is second only to my family. I am looking forward to all the good I can do with CareRite!” – Nadine F., dietetics

“I think everyone who works here is what I am going to miss the most.”- Patricia M.

“I like the facility; everyone is so good to me here! I have been here three times. I love the food and all the activities.” – Pauline H.

“Wonderful stay. I had the most caring nurse (Joy Herring). Before she left on Friday she made sure all my needs were met. Joy is a very caring and compassionate person.” – Maria S.

“Breakfast was lovely. They made sure I felt good. I feel so much better already and I only came here yesterday.” – Maria S.

“I see new positivity, motivation, teamwork, and smiling faces here; love and passion between patients, their families, and staff.” – Angel W.

“Thank you for all your special care, understanding, and patience.  I am on the road to recovery.”
-E. Zebrowski

“I want to say how thankful I am to have had my rehabilitation stay here.  The staff is unbelievably attentive and caring.”
-J. Eusepi

“I want to thank you for all the extraordinary treatment I received at your rehab.  When I arrived I could not walk or even stand, yet sixteen days later I walked to my car to ride home.”
-R. Wandschneider

“Thanks to everyone for your loving care and kindness given to our dad.”
-R. Preato