Case Study: Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (March 2020)

Patient’s name: Brooks
Patient’s Age: 78-years-old
Admission Date: 3/7/2020
Admitted From: Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center
Discharge Date: 3/31/2020
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 23 Days
Reason for Stay: Mild aphasia and word-finding difficulties
How did this patient hear about Jupiter Rehabilitation? Stayed here previously in 2018

Details of experience:
Following the start of a new diuretic prescribed by a doctor to assist with the swelling of his feet, Brooks began to feel very ill. Fortunately, his wife was savvy in driving him to the nearest Emergency Room, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. He arrived on February 27th, 2020, and following several tests, he was diagnosed with metabolic encephalopathy, respiratory failure, and very low potassium levels in his blood. He was hospitalized for ten days before it was determined he would need further assistance.

Knowing he had previous success with Jupiter Rehabilitation, Brooks decided to admit to Jupiter Rehab again on March 7th, 2020. When he arrived, he required maximum assistance to perform daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, using the restroom, bed mobility, and transfers.

With the assistance of the Jupiter Rehabilitation team, by discharge Brooks has improved and become able to perform his daily living activities with moderate assistance. He has also improved his mobility with walker assistance from 15 feet to 60 feet. Jupiter Rehab wishes him all the best!