Case Study: Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (June 2018)

Patient Name: Mabel Dishon
Patients Age: 89-years-old
Admission Date: April,10,2018 Admitted From: Hospital
Discharge Date: 06/27/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: Two months & two weeks
Reason for Stay: Admitted for Rehabilitation Treatment How did this patient hear about Jupiter Healthcare Center? Hospital Case Manager

The team would like to shine a light on one of our wonderful residents who has done a spectacular job in our physical therapy department, Ms. Mabel. She is an 89-year-old woman, admitted to Jupiter Healthcare Center on April 10th, 2018, with a diagnosed fracture of the right femur. At the time of evaluation, Mabel was total assistance for bed mobility, transfers, and adult daily living task. This was all due to weakness in her lower extremity with decreased balance. With all of her ailments, we knew that Ms. Mabel had a long road ahead of her; however, we were confident that our team would be able to lead Ms. Mabel back to independent living.

After ten weeks of intense physical and occupational therapy, Mabel showed significant progress at all functional levels. As Mabel is preparing to return home, she has modified independence with bed mobility and transfers, with an increase in safety awareness. Mabel is at supervision for ambulation using rolling walker. Mabel now gets herself dressed in the mornings and is independent in her home exercise program. She has always been very motivated during her therapy sessions, which has overall helped make Mabel’s wish come true of going home to live with her daughter. Mabel stated, “all of the staff here have been very nice and helpful during her entire stay here at Jupiter Healthcare Center, I have no complaints only great memories.”

We want to thank Mabel for showing us how beautiful the rehabilitation process can be. Her dedication and motivation are a true inspiration to everyone within the community. No matter what the situation is, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We are happy to guide her.