Case Study: Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (January 2019)

Patient’s Name: Nanie Daniels
Age: 81-years-old
Date of Admission: 11/30/2018
Admitted From: St. Mary’s Medical Center
Length of stay: Currently a resident
Reason for stay: Left ankle fracture due to fall

Ms. Daniels is an 81-year-old who is a native to Florida and for the past 50 years has resided in Panama City. She came to Jupiter Center with a diagnosis of left ankle fracture. She met with our team and was evaluated.

During Hurricane Michael, Nanie was at home in Panama City where she lives independently. She recalls waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When she tried to turn the light switch on, nothing happened. Realizing that the power was out, Nanie walked slowly towards her bathroom. Once she opened the door continued to walk forward, she tripped over an object landing face first.

While laying there Nanie realized that she had walked into the closet and not the bathroom. Scared and in pain, she laid in the closet for two days before paramedics arrived knocking down the door to rescue her. One of Nanie’s stepdaughters called 911 and told them that her mother was home alone and had not been answering her phone and was very worried about her safety.

After extensive treatment of physical and occupational therapy over seven weeks, Ms. Daniels shows improvements on all levels. Her bed mobility and transfers improved. Ms. Daniels was always motivated to begin her therapy. She would show up to the gym early, ready-to-go. She would wheel herself into the gym!

Today, Nanie is independent in bed mobility, transfers, and modified independent walking. She is walking around the facility with a rolling walker without getting tired or fatigued. She is even able to maneuver rolling walker around obstacles.

Ms. Daniels will soon transfer out to an Assisted Living Facility near her loving family. Our team is so proud of Ms. Daniels progress and positive outlook on her journey.